You lucky sausages! 


This is the pre-launch limited availability run of our Blanket Forts. 


They come in three colours, and three bed-sizes. 


BUT here is the rub


There are only 20 of them being made in this launch run. 


Yep, that's right... just 20. 


And once they are gone... they are gone! 


So, you want in on the action before everyone else gets them? 


You want to get that place to hide before anyone else (well, apart from me and the product testers)... then BUY NOW! 


We will be manufacturing them in the next 4-weeks and they will be dispatched at the latest by Mid June. 


And you will get them first, and we will be including something additional, just for you amazing early adopters.


AND you will get a 20% off voucher code for your first Theme Box. (we are almost bursting with excitement about these)

Pre-order Blanket Fort