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Spiritual Blanket Forts

Spiritual experiences and treatments the Blanket Fort way

I had never even thought of this being a thing! When I designed the Blanket Forts it was for people to do in the privacy of their own home.

A chance conversation with the gorgeous Matthew from Amber Anhk Events changed all that.

Matthew has been running spiritual, pagan and all flavours of woo events for years. And he does it very well. So when he contacted me about sponsoring the rest and relaxation area I had tingles...

Just imagine...

You are going to your favourite spiritual event... you are excited about exploring your mind, body and spiritual side...

You are treating yourself and are booked in for a Gong Bath, Aromatherapy session or Guided Meditation experience.

Usually you would be laying down in a room with other people...

but oh no, not here... At the Soul and Serenity Fayre your experience is from the comfort of your very own Blanket Fort.

Being cocooned gives you a completely enhanced experience. The sounds and energy reverberate in your personal Blanket Fort space.

It is epic!

This has sparked something in me and I am now taking bookings at other festivals, fayres, retreats and events. Bringing the spiritual experience to a new level!

The only limit of what is possible is our imagination!

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