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Mothers melting anxiety in their Blanket Forts

Some customers particularly enjoy re-living the joys of childhood...

"As a kid I used to love making a den using a clothes horse and bed sheets - the world outside that den didn't exist while I was in it.

My daughter now does the same.

I thought being an adult, allegedly, I was too old for that sort of thing, then I found The Blanket Fort Company and initially assumed it was for kids....nope!! All my memories of escaping the outside world as a kid came flooding back......

I needed somewhere to hide!

When my Blanket Fort arrived I immediately put it up, it was so easy, took no time at all and didn't require any fiddly fixtures or fittings. I chose a light coloured fabric because although I wanted to hide I didn't want it to be dark.

Cushions, books, a flask of tea, biscuits and fairy lights - this Fort was more magical than I had ever thought allowed as an adult.

My anxiety reduced, I felt peaceful and having time away from the outside world, particularly from social media was oh so welcome.

Knowing I have my very own Blanket Fort to spend time in whenever I feel I need to is so comforting. A simple but oh so effective activity in our fast paced modern world - I cannot recommend getting one more highly enough.

Sara's customer service was fantastic too"

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