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2021 Lockdown sucked, for all the reasons​.


Even though some of it was good and positive... we got to spend time in the forest and by the river, we didn't have to commute, and we had an excuse not to go anywhere.


But at times the blues bit us on the butt. The overwhelm of life, the universe and everything just was a bit, well.... too much.


Not least because we couldn't escape.


Not ourselves, not each other, not anything.

Coming out is just as hard... needing to people again... aaagh.... 

Because adults need to escape sometimes... 

A place to rest, recover and reconnect in your own home

Life is an adventure! and being grown up means you are the boss of your own world. And that is great. You get to choose to eat pizza for breakfast, or cut your hair how you want, whatever works for you.


But, sometimes adulting sucks.


Particularly if you are highly sensitive, or have a busy family life or even a demanding business or career. We can all experience a feeling of burnout and sensory overload at times. In those times we want a place to get away. A space that is accessible, and available at a moments notice.

Welcome to a safe haven in a box, your Blanket Fort (for adults)

Blanket Forts

Everything you need to escape and recover
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Create your perfect Blanket Fort experience

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Rest, togetherness, and fun is at the heart of everything we do. 

The Blanket Fort Co. was founded at the end of Lockdown 2021 by a neurodivergent entrepreneur with an unshakeable curiosity and passion for adventure. From her humblest of beginnings she created a space that every adult could escape into. A place where you can create your ideal staycation for one. Or recover the togetherness with your important person or people.  

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